How to Fix Common Brother Printer Problems on Windows

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Are you so tired due to constant paper jam and ink smears problems with your Brother printer and now you’re going to purchase a new printer? Don’t be panic! Sometimes, making some changes to the configuration or performing a bit regular maintenance can go wrong toward avoiding these problems. However, you can get immediate support and solutions for all sorts of malfunctions relating to the printer simply by dialing the Brother Printer helpline number. To fix the common problems of your Brother printer, you can also try these troubleshooting workarounds.

Step 1: Check Paper Type and Size in Brother Printer

Ensure for the correct paper type and size in your Brother printer user’s manual and check that you have not filled too much paper in the feeder to prevent the paper jam and may even avoid a smudgy or rough printing issue. Your Brother printer can scramble to print on a particular paper like heavy card stock or glossy sheets. However, you can prevent the messy headache of paper jams by using a lightweight, clean, 8 inch by 10 inches a small stack of the printing paper. For more information, try to check the Brother printer’s manual and ensure that what kind of the paper size and type you should use.

Step 2: Upgrade or Reinstall Brother Printer

Upgrade or reinstall your printer driver and software may solve the printing problems like unreadable text and strange characters. Updating to the driver, you can also fix the problems if your PC won’t recognize the printer or it stops to work accidentally. Go to the Brother’s official website and choose the correct printer model and operating system runs on your PC. Continue with the on-screen directions to finish the installation process. To get the necessary updates timely in the future and ensure you don’t miss the new release, bookmark and check the Brother website on a regular basis.

Step 3: Clean the Print Head

Try to clean the print heads to prevent blurry images and texts. You can get the possible options to take care your Brother printer by selecting the print via any window and clicking the ‘Properties’ menu placed beside the name of your Brother printer. Choose the Maintenance tab and locate the option to inspect nozzles. If you get the blurred or broken lines in the printed pages, click the printer head cleaner icon to remove dried ink, dust, and dirt. Try to check and clean print head regularly to prevent massive build-up.

Step 4: Replace the Ink or Cartridge

Refill or replace the ink or cartridge to resolve the ‘low ink level’ warning messages, and fix the problems like missing text and images on the printouts. Every Brother printer prompts for a particular type of ink or toner cartridge, so proceed to the instructions given in the printer manual to replace the cartridge properly. You can also find these directions on the printer cover or in the toner or cartridge package or check the onscreen when your computer warns you to low ink level. Note that occasional use of the printer can also be the reason of printing improperly or not at all due to the dried ink or toner cartridges that have placed in your Brother printer.