Money Manager Ex

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Money Manager Ex (mmex) is an easy to use, money management application. It is a personal finance manager. It can be used to track your net worth, income vs expenses etc. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Finance software may not be the most existing type you could install on your computer, but it’s certainly one of the most useful. Money Manager Ex aims to be simple enough for just about anyone to use, while being powerful enough to keep demanding users happy.

If you’ve been using a spreadsheet or other financial program to manage your money until now, Money Manager Ex’s import feature will get you up and running fairly quickly, but otherwise you have a lengthier manual task ahead of you

Money Manager Ex Main Features

  • QIF/CSV/XML Import
  • Reports, Graphs
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Financial Calculations
  • Currency exchange rates history
  • Budget
  • Easy to use personal finance manager

Money Manager Ex Download

Release under CodeLathe LLC Fix customization bug (ajireland) Fixed typo in dialog message (Xavier Grimwand) Made QIF Import Type:BANK, CASH, CCARD account type string compares case insensitive